Central Ventilation Systems (CVS), is a manufacturer and supplier of fire-safety and air movement products in UAE. Over a decade of manufacturing with focus on quality, safety and sustainability, CVS has successfully partnered in over 300 projects of varied sizes and complexities, providing highest rated and certified HVAC products and solutions.

Complying with international standards such as UL, BS, EN, ASTM, ANSI, SMACNA, AMCA, DW144 and ISO, our products range includes Fire-rated Ductwork, UL listed Dampers, Industrial & HVAC Dampers, Sound Attenuators and louvers.

CVS also offers a range of tunnel and building fire protection board to RWS, ISO, BS and EN standards for high temperature applications. Maintaining quality at every stage, company works with a spirit of teamwork in achieving the various performance objectives of the consultants and building contractors. We inspect and certify our projects, and offer the assurance of all requisite approvals to be in place.

Complying with international standards such as SMACNA, AMCA, DW144, ISO, RWS, UL, BS and EN

Delivering on performance parameters for multi-building complexes, hospitals, malls and universities

Assurance of prompt customer service and technical support

Rich understanding of the various nuances of executing projects seamlessly in the HVAC industry

Featured Products Leading stance in passive fire protection and ductwork performance

Fire rated Duct System

  • Non-coated fire rated duct system (complies with BS476 Part 24:1987 Type A & Type B)
  • Approved by local civil defence authorities
  • ISO6944 compliant
  • Insulated and uninsulated systems

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Sound Attenuators for HVAC Noise Control

  • Rectangular & circular sound attenuators designed to meet all HVAC noise control applications
  • Product key features: Low pressure drop, high flow rate, high quality acoustic infill
  • Tested to ASTM E477-06 standard

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Extensive Range of Fire Products

  • Non-coated fire-rated duct system to meet the new EN requirements including Type C smoke extract ductwork
  • UL listed dampers: Curtain fire dampers, smoke dampers, combination of fire and smoke dampers and ceiling dampers listed to UL555 & UL555S
  • Approved by local civil defence authorities

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3 Key advantages that make a real impact

Fire-safety products tested, approved and certified by renowned labs and local civil defence authority

High quality in-house manufacturing ensuring consistency and timeliness with process automation

Saving time and hassle through understanding of region’s building standards, local regulations and numerous specifications